Formspring Friday is back.

I'm a cunt. A cunt who forgot about Formspring and hasn't been getting notifications. So I'll try to get to as much of this as I can today, including a few quick answers, and then one longer one in a bit. First, the quick ones:

what's your perspective on adoptees and korean attitudes

I am severely unequipped to answer this question. I am not an adoptee and I don't know many. I know that there's a lot of confusion about the fact that someone can be Korean and not at all Korean. Some Koreans have a really hard time understanding that when you are adopted, you are not raised at all culturally Korean, and that you can't understand any of the language. To many Koreans, being culturally and ethnically Korean are the same thing. The fact that someone can be 100% "American" and still be 100% "Korean" kind of does some heads in. Which can be frustrating, I'm sure. But as far as the deeper issues go, I can't really answer this at all.

Hello! I was just wondering, do you think that there's a big difference between being a foreigner as an English teacher and a college student (both usually short-termed)? Most of what I’ve read up until now is about teachers, so probably because of tha

(A reminder that Formspring cuts off if your message is too long -- emailing is better: imnopicasso@gmail.com) Um. I don't really know. Again, I'm not a college student here. There are a few over on Tumblr who you should contact if you want to know more. My personal favorite is Coffeejusayo.

How does one combat the awfully humid weather of S. Korea during the summer?

You don't. You give in to it. It is stronger than you are. Seriously. That's the only answer I have.

Some advice that's always helped me, since I always had the same falling in love with places problem: There's no geographic solution to an emotional problem. Cheers.

Funny, seeing this now. I know that. You know what's really nice? Finding another person who you jive with who has a craving for geographical changes, just like you do.

hi! so it seems most foreigners in korea work as ESL teachers. are there options other that teaching? i'm a korean male gyopo who speaks korean conversationally, meaning i'm good at small talk but nothing further or deeper than that. thanks!

Again, maybe someone else can help this person. I am a an ESL teacher -- I don't work at another job. But I know there are options out there. I just can't help you with it. Maybe contacting Soniassi, who works for a Korean company, would be a good idea?

Awww. I'll make a little Liz voodoo doll and wash its hair in nice hot water. Hope it helps!

I hope this was when my boiler was broken. Otherwise, that's just....

how are you able to teach in Korea? I want to teach overseas. And so far, i have no clue where to start. (= thank you!

I mean, the information on the internet is pretty much endless. Did you try Google before you tried me? First thing you need is a university degree from one of the qualified English speaking countries. For teaching in Korea, anyway. After that.... seriously. Just google it.

I have anxiety disorder. Will this make it difficult for me to find a job in Korea? Will I be treated differently by people who know? I know that you don't know how people think, I just want to hear your opinion on this, or anything you've heard. Thanks!

Secret telling time: I also have an anxiety disorder. I didn't put that shit on anything anywhere related to becoming employed in Korea, and I will never tell any of my coworkers or anyone related to my job. Because it's nobody else's business. My anxiety disorder is very well controlled, and hasn't been an issue (for the most part) for several years now. It does not interfere with my work, and I didn't allow it to even when it was at its most severe. Therefore, it is none of my employer's business. I keep that shit to myself, even in the States, because that kind of thing is so highly stigmatized and misunderstood and, frankly, condescended about. In Korea, I think it might make you even slightly more of a freak. If that kind of thing doesn't bother you, then just have it. I don't like everyone knowing my personal business, though, so I generally only talk about it with people who I trust, be they Korean or foreign (both cultures have the ability to be incredibly cunty about these kinds of things).

ummm HEY! I am a Korean/American who happens to be here until august or something... I don't know anyone here... and I DO WANT TO DATE! so I was wondering, is there a dating site for koreans or something? I am not in Seoul, I am in Cheonju, in Cheonbuk...

I tried to use a dating site one time. I didn't ever even meet anyone from it, and was mostly just disgusted as a result, to be honest. I'm just not cut out for internet dating. So I really don't know how to help. But there are a load of dating bloggers over on Tumblr who probably could. If you look in my sidebar, there are links to several of them.

how's the drop dead deadline comin' along, darlin'?

It's not, as always. X-O

I have read lots of times when you have to be in the office when teachers are out as a desk warmer, and a couple of times you have blogged that you were starving because no one thought of you at lunch. Now, are you literally chained to your desk to answer

You know, I'm can't be sure of where this is going, but I think I have a pretty good idea. If I'm wrong, I apologize. At first, I felt the need to justify myself with an answer, and then I realized that a literal question deserves a literal answer: The answer is no, I am not now, nor have I ever been, literally chained to a desk. I think it's really interesting that you would read all the way back through my blog for an entire year, and find that to be the one thing you would comment on. I hope this answer has literally satisfied you.

A little hard to comment without specifics.

Yeah. No shit.

I just love your blog, I have no question, I just really needed to tell you that!

Well, thank you.

your boyfriend sounds like a smart ass. i like him!

He is. I like him, too.

wow. ur so *special*

Thank u. I em sur u r special 2. Not special enough for me to read your blog, though, unfortunately!


It's like walking down the street after work. Bam! Random hello, out of nowhere.

If I didn't get to you, it's because you probably had a more serious question that requires a longer response. Those posts coming soon. And again, sorry about the delay. I didn't know.

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Glad that Formspring Friday is back.

Re: college life - Matt Strum wrote the blog On My Way To Korea (http://www.mstrum.com/onmywaytokorea/) about just that.