I deserve some kind of medal for making it through the day. Although not as much as my co-teacher does, being that she looked as though she was actually dying.

I was absolutely shocked at how lovely the students were, although I don't know why because they've always proven to be astoundingly compassionate in the past. Teacher, I am sad that you are sick. Teacher we be quiet.

And they were. Even though my lectures were more than a little nonsensical and rambling today, they patiently fidgeted through it and did their best to shout out answers, even if they had no fucking clue what was going on.

"What do you ask your mom, 'Is it okay if I....?'"

"Uh.......... MOM!"

The whole day was like this. They tried so very hard.

I had to have a special meeting with the VP and P so that they could tell me that I look pale and thin and I should eat more food and I have no family here and what am I going to do about being sick and I should lay in the nurse's office and not teach any of my classes and here have some ginger tea.

It's a good thing, in the long term. It gives me a chance to revamp my situation here. It's genuinely springtime now, and no longer time for prowling around at night, because everything feels like night anyway. It's time to be up and out during the day to enjoy the people and the weather. Even if the weather is sand.

So tonight, I did a little grocery shopping at the corner market before nearly dying climbing the cliff back home. I'll nurse myself with fruit and yogurt and eggs and juice and no alcohol or ramyeon. And I'm going to give this place a decent scrub, while I have the time and I'm not racing around trying to change clothes and get out the door to meet ____ at ____ to drink ____.

And I'm more than a little pleased that my darling Gary has managed to hit things just right, once again. Came home to find a book in my postbox that will make this little weekend of isolation that much less unbearable.


MikejGrey said...

Well. I'm drinking a bottle of emart wine and watching ER because none of my burnt DVDs are working on my computer.

How are you feeling?

I'm no Picasso said...

Drugged up on medication.

I'm happy to announce we've reached the leaky stage of the illness.

I'm about to hit the sack, pure geriatric 8 pm style, so that maybe we can make tomorrow happen. I gotta tell you at this stage it's still iffy. I haven't been doing too well tonight. But I'm trying to keep the faith. Maybe another 12 hours of sleep will do the trick.

MikejGrey said...

Godspeed comrade

If you can't go out tomorrow maybe I'll just come over for dalk galbi or something

likethenina said...

Haven't talked to you for so long. I must apologise to you and Mike for the fact that last time I totally forgot to go to BP and even I didn't say sorry afterwards.

I'm afraid you were so angry with me.

That was all my fault, so I'll be happy if you give me a chance to put it back. And it's good time to go out, anyway.

I hope you are getting better sooner than later.

Take care,

I'm no Picasso said...

Wan, don't be so serious. Of course we are not angry. To be honest, I can't remember what happened that day, but there was some reason we could not go. Anyway, you have nothing to put right.

But it is gorgeous weather. Maybe next weekend we can meet? Or sometime soon. Anyway, there's been a lot going on. I bet it's the same for you....

likethenina said...

You're right. There's been A LOT going on over the last 2 months, I must admit.

Well, I think it'd be better to talk about it when we meet. A LOT to talk, as always.

But I have to keep my feet calm as mid term exam is just ahead, next week. And also I'm working on Sat, Sun(10 hours a dayT_ T) in a restaurant so we should meet on weekdays evening. -_ -

I need to get some money to do something with someone. d_ d

I'll text or phone you next Fri. :)