Cry, cry baby.

Although I always hate to admit it, my father's genes are strong and I inherited a whole hell of a lot of them.

Especially the one that makes me into a gigantic crybaby when I'm really, really sick.

It's not often that I get really, really sick. But when I do I literally cry. And I am the least crying person you'll ever meet. Just like my dad.

The last time I was this sick was when overnight bronchitis set in in -- guess what -- early April of last year. It's like a fucking holiday, you see. And guess what else? Cried while I was taking a shower, cried while I was getting dressed, cried in the car on the way to the doctor's office, where they had to give me a shot in the ass and steroids because it was so bad.

The time before that was just before I graduated high school when I decided to be a big tough guy and not go to the doctor for a week, as my symptoms got worse and worse, until Friday night saw us loading up the car and driving to the emergency medical clinic where they told me I was verging on Scarlet Fever, which I didn't know people could actually still get. Another shot in the ass. More crying. That crying lasted all weekend as I had also just broken up with my boyfriend, who insisted on coming over and trying to give me crackers, as though that was somehow going to fix the fact that he was a total tool, and it was also the weekend my brother (an equally unlikely crier) went to jail and kept asking for me. And all I could do was voicelessly cry into the phone when they held up to my ear with him crying on the other end.

This time it's not quite that bad. But I daresay when I'm this sick is the only time I really wish I was in a relationship of some sort, so that someone was obligated to come over and baby me. Because a crying, diseased person is so nice to cuddle up with in bed? Well. I dunno. I guess it just makes me feel pretty vulnerable.

Anyway, this time it's not that bad. Last night was terrible, but my fever broke sometime around 4 am, and it's mostly just been aches and dizziness since then. I'm trying to sleep it off.

By the way, just in case you're wondering, my brother was in jail because he knocked the crap out of some guy who tried to know the crap out of some girl, after calling her a slut or a bitch or some such nonsense. I just felt the need to clarify that.


MikejGrey said...

Jaysus Liz.

Are you feeling any better?

I'm no Picasso said...

I'm fine. No worries. I just caved in and took the mystery medication Coteacher brought over.

I think it's time for a major overhaul of the routine. Do you wanna either come over here for dak galbi and a movie tomorrow night (my package is here but I don't know how to get it... maybe even popcorn?) or I'll come there and we can get wang galbi and go to bed early, so our Saturday can happen for sure?

Depending on how I'm feeling tomorrow, obviously. I think I'll be okay though. Going back to bed in a minute....

MikejGrey said...

Let me know whatever your feeling up to tomorrow. I could probably go either way. I just need to purchase some groceries at some point because I have no foods left.

I took some of the mystery medicine too. Just glad I didn't cave in and go to the doctor.

I do have something called "Tylenol ER" and some mystery liquid mr K called spirits that he told me to take. i was too tired to argue.

Think you'll go to work tomorrow?

I'm no Picasso said...

Yeah I have to. They were all totally freaked out that I called in. The principal himself was insisting that I be shuttled up to the school to sleep in the nurse's office because I have no family here and shouldn't be alone.

Anyway, I think I'll be alright. And I have to do some shopping tomorrow too if I don't want to starve this weekend. Was going to do it tonight....

MikejGrey said...


I've got nothing tomorrow other than 2 real classes, and a "class/meeting" with the VP, P, and MR. P, and I guess anyone else with a P in their name or title.

I'm no Picasso said...

I've got six in a row, but at least the after school is the good kids.

Really do have to do some serious lesson planning this weekend now, as Thursdays are my big day for that at work. Remind me to show you the hilarious parts in the book if/when you're over....