I'm wondering how you deal on day-to-day basis with a society that is stifling in all aspects - people thinking the same, acting the same, dressing the same, no significant sub-cultures, incapable of independence, unable to compose original music etc? Mus

Are you talking about Korea or the US? Because anyone who thinks as originally and critically as you seem to want to think you do would obviously know that all of the things you just said heavily apply to American culture as well.

Honestly, I'm considering turning Formspring off at this point. I'm getting really tired of "questions" that aren't questions but thinly-veiled insults or racist statements. Have a fucking look around before you contact me, please. I'm clearly not operating on the "Korean culture is so ________" mix-and-match level. If you want to repeat obvious, stupid cliches over and over and back and forth with other foreigners who also refuse to move past the surface level, I'm sure there are lots of other places on both the internet and in real life where you can do that.


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Burndog said...

I suggest that the questioner go to dave's cafe and have a look around. Every part of that question sounded like a new post over at Dave's.

Mr. Spock said...

Leave it on, I like asking questions ^^

KG Jung said...

What? Racist fucktards so mentally weak they need to convince anyone with a clue to think like they do or else their half-assed claim fails? . . . And they're on the internet? Surely you jest, madam.