Sick and meeting Jinsoo.

I've got some reeeally good stuff in my inbox right now, but unfortunately I've been really, really sick since Saturday morning, and I'm using literally every ounce of strength I can manage to scrape together to get through my classes and other commitments. By the time I get home in the evening, I'm like television static.

I don't know what's wrong with my coworkers, but they're flipping their shit over this cold. I'm sick, but I'm only staying as sick for as long as I am because I'm also working. I did everything I could to rest up this weekend, but it wasn't enough. I'm not complaining, but I guess I just look and sound really bad. They alwas show concern, but something about it is really freaking them out this time. They want me to inhale salt water/go home/go to the hospital/go see the nurse/take these vitamins/get some medicine/go sleep in the teacher's rest room/drink this peach tea/eat/eat/EAT!!!

I'm not one of those people who wants their mommy when they are sick. I'm one of those people who wants to be left alone with a box of tissues to sleep it off. And I also like to do things my own way. Go figure, right? You had no idea. So. I'm having some issues. I also wonder just how awful I must look for them to be freaking out this much about it. It's a cold. Obviously. Everyone in the goddamn school's got one at the moment. I can barely be heard in class sometimes for all the sneezes that are happening simultaneously at the moment.

So. One short cute story, and then I'm off to drink tea in bed: I've got a couple of firstie classes that are a little on the special side. That's not "special" in a good way, in case you missed the undercurrent. I love them. They've got style, god bless them, and I do believe they are (usually) trying their best. But it's a little like herding chickens trying to get them to follow the lesson. Today I walked in and they all pounced on me immediately to tell me there was a 전학생 -- a new student. Obviously I was immediately suspicious, because they don't normally interact well with the new students, and I'm usually left stumbling upon a completely unfamiliar face halfway through the lecture, going, "Who are you?" before they'll say a word.

They point to the seating chart on the podium where a name has obviously been hand-altered by one of the students to read 김진수. Then they pointed to a seat way in the back, where there appeared to be a student laying face down on the desk with his hood up. At first, I genuinely did think it was a student. Which student, I didn't know, but I knew it wasn't a new one. I started hearing cries of "아파요! 샘! 진수가 아파요!" Then I noticed Jinsoo's legs were a little misshapen.

They'd taken a pair of gym pants and stuffed them full of gym shorts, placed the cuffs over a pair of shoes, and then arranged a couple of blazers under a big puffy jacket, jamming two thermoses up the sleeves, to make it look as though a student was sitting in the seat. Not bad work, but I'd cracked on. Couldn't hurt to play along though, right?

"진수야! 일어나요! 영어수업 시간! 야 진수.... 진짜 아프다? 진수.... 반가와요."

Of course, they were in stitches. Pleased as punch at the foolish weoneomin speaking dodgy Korean to a pile of gym clothes. A few saw the look cross my face when I had realized what was going on, and knew I was acting, but the babies of the class were nearly about to explode with how pleased they were with themselves. Cute as fuck. And they kept their shit together during class time, as well.

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