Fuckery. Was sitting outside the department store in Bucheon chatting it up on the phone with Smalltown like a big, loud, obvious foreigner, when a teacher's daughter strolled up to find me smoking a cigarette and using god only knows what kind of language. Damage done, I suppose. It had to be a particularly churchy fellow teacher's daughter, as well. One who is fluent in English. Whatever she heard/saw, she took it all in stride.

Ran into some of my jjang crew coming off the subway, including a new student who I never had the chance to teach, but who is aware of me only because he has taken up with the jjang crew, and we're all BFF. It's weird to hear a kid I've never even taught call me Sem, but he seems to be a nice boy (within the perimeters of that group, anyway) and speaks to me in Korean like a human being, scoffing at the other boys and calling them not-so-nice names when they boggle and use their Retard Korean. Another student with them said very quietly and calmly, without drawing attention to the fact that he was addressing me, that my hair looked pretty and then cut his eyes over to see if I caught it. 고맙다, 정원 -- I did. They asked where I was coming from, and then how much my new coat cost. Which is rude. But common enough. I slipped out the price tag from my (much cheaper) dress to show them instead. It was still 너무 비싸요. Say the only boys in the school who can afford coveted Northface jackets.

Now I'm settling in with a few movies and udong to soothe my poor throat, which has taken a combined beating from the changing weather and the over-excitement of the students during the Halloween lesson. No Halloween nonsense for me this year. Just can't take it. Although it is the only holiday I really genuinely enjoy. I pretty much stopped enjoying it as soon as it turned into an excuse to dress slutty and get shitfaced. Not that I object to either of those things, on principle. Just not my thing. Halloween was better back in the day when it was still about scaring the shit out of yourself. I did hear there's a decent enough haunted house at Everland, but fuck if I'm going all that way to find out that Korean standards for "scary" haunted houses are on par with their standards for "scary" roller coasters. It's too far to travel to be underwhelmed.

Cleaning, cooking, cuddling down into bed with my laptop. Happy Halloween, everyone!


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