So much for being a tough guy.

I got into the car with the teacher who sometimes drives me to school this morning.

"어머! 어디 아파!?"

"아니오. 괜찮아요. 배... 조금 아파요."

She gawked at me in horror for the rest of the drive and threatened to order 죽 right then and there. 병원 this and 병원 that. Koreans are obsessed with the hospital.

No sooner had I stepped foot in the office than my co-teacher had me marching straight back out of it. She said she had never seen me look so sick, and that I was visibly shaking. I fucking teared up and told her that I'm fine, that I know Korean teachers never take a day off, and I feel really guilty anyway, because I'm not really sick... I just got more bad news. It's emotional and not physical and there's no excuse for that.

She hugged me and pushed me out the door, saying that three classes were nothing to kill myself over, and to call her if I needed to go to the hospital, or something to eat (the teachers started to notice the weight loss last week) and that I can have tomorrow off as well.

No meeting with the principal or visit with the school nurse. I don't even have to go to the hospital if I don't want to. And, while I'm not entirely convinced my doorbell won't be ringing later this afternoon, no apartuh visit from the co-teachers is imminent.

Just a day in bed to rest. I'm currently in the process of trying to force myself to eat anything at all. I know that's where the real problem is at this point.

I'll get it together. I swear to god I will.


Sabrina said...

Oh no, I feel so sorry for you! I don´t know if rest will make it much better because it will not change your situation, but clearly you were not able to teach in such a state. It´s a good thing that your co-workers were so understanding though...
Eat something for god´s sake! Or for your readers´ - If you don´t eat you won´t be able to blog anymore ^ ^
You must feel really exhausted, I wish you could get some sleep, eat a little and feel a bit better!

Kel said...

Thinking of ya... <3

I'm no Picasso said...

Sabrina -- Don't worry! Currently snacking on grapes and sweet bread and chocolate milk. I'll be back to my old self in no time. Thanks for the well wishes.

Kel -- I know you are. <3

MikejGrey said...

I watched the Big Lebowski today.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon hun. <3

k said...

hey cuz

I'm no Picasso said...

Mike -- Also, Dude, 'Chinaman' is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-American, please.

Laura -- Thanks so much. I will for sure.

K -- Hey buddy. How you hanging in there, big guy?

saharial said...

feel better soon, so good to knwo your co-teachers care about you :)

Mr Nameless said...

It's good that your co-teacher understood. Having good support from work is a nice thing. Hang in there, Liz & eat something like soup. Good soup is the closest thing to a panacea!

word verification: ficru? Ficru too, word verification!

I'm no Picasso said...

Saharial -- Thanks.^^

Billy -- Haha!

MikejGrey said...

The Chinaman peed on your rug?