I shouldn't have to explain this to adults.

It's occurred to me, the more I've been thinking about this, that the individual who posted that comment this morning may have intended to imply "culture" with "ethnicity and citizenship", rather than race. In which case, I would like to refer you to this very obvious quote from the original posting, which you apparently skipped over entirely before getting your panties in a twist:

"I was talking about Korean dating culture, not the Korean race, or even Korean men. I think that is an extremely important difference to note. And if you don't know the difference, I think you should probably think about it."

I thought that statement was pretty self explanatory. I think that it should be. I'm starting to doubt it, however.

Culture is tied to race and race to culture. No fucking duh, basically. But culture is not race, and race is not culture. And if you aren't able to make the distinction between the two, well then, I personally would probably have a really hard time being in an interracial or inter-cultural relationship with you.

Race is biological. Race presents in physical characteristics. Race is inherent. Of course, there are complications to this, based on what we, as human beings, have decided in the past to define as a "race" in various situations. But when you get down to the basic, pure definition, that is what race is.

Culture is not inherent. Culture comes in the form of outside forces. It is not something we are born with -- it is something we are born into. Therefore, although I may be from a certain culture, and will be influenced heavily by that culture, I will not necessarily, inherently present all aspects of that culture, in a way that will/can never be altered. Culture is what results in your personality, your psychology, your way of relating to the world, your definition of self and your understanding of others.

I do not believe that race is anything other than physical. I do not believe that race influences personality or psychology. I believe that how others react to your race does, but that goes back to culture and outside forces. And I believe that anyone who attributes aspects of personality and psychology to race is racist. Racist meaning someone who believes that race determines aspects of human traits within another human being.



Random said...

haha, i can't believe anyone got pissed over what u said.

seriously, people?

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Well said!

Diana E.S. said...

People are special. I'm with you on the race thing.

But I wouldn't plan on beating your parenting skillz up over something your kid says until they're an adult ;-) Kids say dumb things for all kinds of reasons...

I'm no Picasso said...

I think a lot of people here have never really had to think much about "race" and what it is before coming here. I think that shows a lot in these conversations.

Haha. I'd be hard as hell on myself as a mother. Pure fact. It's one of the reasons I'm really scared to be one.

Anonymous said...

you'll be fine, liz. based on your writings, i can tell you'll be a good mother. great mother? i don't know. but good, definitely. hehe