Getting away with it.

Happy Black Day. More importantly, of course, happy 18 month anniversary to me. And Korea. I always say I don't fall in love with people -- I fall in love with places. Well, that's not really true. Or only halfway, or something. But, at any rate, the places tend to be what I stick with longest. I certainly haven't survived 18 months with someone's same old ugly mug in my face every single day. Except for a few very dear friends, of course. So. Cool.

Ah. I think I'm going to channel High School Liz and "run away" from school today. Just twenty minutes early. Everyone else is gone for club day. I just want to know I got away with it, once. That's all.


Kel said...

My first reaction was to "like" this. Then I realized, it's not Facebook. Anyway, I like it.

cherry garcia said...

let's runaway from life and get chips and salsa.

ah, good times.

MikejGrey said...

I hope you got to tell some kids that it was your holiday today.

I'm no Picasso said...

Kel -- Ha. I think most things in life should have a "like" button. As well as a "dislike" button.

Stepho -- Don't even tempt me at the moment.

Mike -- I forgot about that. Gah, they're gullible.