Take your time.

The most ridiculous thing is occurring in my apartment right now. Well. A few ridiculous things. But one at a time.

Mimi (that's the new bunny) arrived at about 11:45 last night, which means we didn't have a lot of time to get to know each other. Basically I shoved her in the cage, watched her for a few seconds to make sure she was alright, and then went to bed. I made sure she had enough food and water before I left for work this morning, and gave her a little scratch on the nose, but that was it.

So when I came in just now from work, I thought it would be nice to get her out of the cage and give her a little time to run around. Mimi had other ideas about how nice that would be, however, and clung to the bars for dear life.

I'm not the type to force things, especially other people's (animals'?) wills, so I just rigged the cage open and left the room to put away the clean dishes and make a cup of coffee. Now I'm sitting here on the kitchen floor and for the last fifteen minutes Mimi has been hopping slowly out of the cage and then scrambling back into it for no apparent reason. Over and over and over. At this point, she has managed to nudge the bedroom door almost closed and seems satisfied enough with that to stay out of the cage, but behind the door.

Whatever. I understand needing personal space and time to adjust. I can give the girl what she needs. She'll come out and say hello when she's ready.

Ridiculous other things: well. Actually never mind. I don't want to get into that just yet.


Uh. I canceled dinner with someone tonight purely because I'm an asshole and I don't want to go out in this terrible cold. My poor social life in the winter.

Mimi's slowly making her way out around the door now. I should go and say hello.

Edit: Interesting development. Mimi doesn't want to be in the cage anymore. Mimi doesn't want to be on the floor. Mimi doesn't want to be on the bed. Mimi only wants to be in my lap. She's watching the computer screen as I type this at this very moment. She also seems keenly interested in going down my shirt, but we've discussed it and come to an agreement about not doing that.

Cute. ^^

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Diana E. said...

A+ musical selection. And new pets and cold weather are deadly to a social life. But that's ok.