More adventurous.

Getting a bunny tonight. Stay tuned for photos, obviously.
There's a story behind it, but not a very interesting one. Anyway, I could use something to cheer me up from continuing to say goodbye to my boys.


Kel said...

Have you heard Jenny Lewis' solo stuff?

I'm no Picasso said...

Nope. I had the odd few Rilo Kiley songs passed on to me by a friend that I've been mad about for a couple of years, and for some reason it only occurred to me the other day to, you know, download the actual albums.

What do you make of her solo stuff? Have you heard it?

Kel said...

yeah! it's good, it's way more this style, (almost country) - than most of the other Rilo Kiley stuff which is more poppy and upbeat. Check it out, start w. the title track of "Acid Tongue" from last yr's albums. Also there's an earlier album called "Rabbit Fur Coat" from about 3-4 yrs ago, also pretty good. You may as well download both, good for cold winter days ^_^