Please don't put me in charge.

The boys are being terrible. I mean, all time terrible, for the third graders. Yesterday we had the school to ourselves, after the younger boys left, and then it was picture day. By the time they made it to my class, concentrating on someone speaking English just wasn't in the cards. The thing is, I can still scare the third graders. I told them straight out that class was terrible and I was disappointed -- they weren't even trying. And they aren't high level enough to not be trying. I didn't say that last part, obviously....

Then my heart almost broke when a group of boys stayed after, and approached me with their heads down, saying, "Teacher, sorry. Very sorry."

"Sorry? Why?" I was erasing the board and couldn't imagine what they had done.

"Because class is terrible."

I very nearly hugged the kid who was speaking -- threw my arm over his shoulders and rubbed his back. "Oh my God, no. Don't say sorry. It's okay. Don't worry. Look at me. You're a good class. Just a bad day. Lotte World should be sorry. It's Lotte World's fault."

Last night, I made a run into Seoul and spent an obscene amount of money on EFL textbooks, second language acquisition methodology, and the most badass Korean verb book of all time -- I'm going back for adjectives, eventually.

Today I guess I'm going hiking. I don't have anything else to say about that.

And last night was another surprise text attack from a certain Korean from the past. Don't know what to make of that -- hopefully nothing. Why does.... never mind. I'm not going there.

Oh man. Lotte World tomorrow! Surprise! We're taking public transport. Coteacher has recommended sneaking out early, because she said she rode the subway with a class of male middle school students before, and said she's never been so publicly ashamed to be called "Seonsaengniiiiiiiiiiiiiim!" in her life. Unfortunately, not knowing we were taking public transport, I think I may have accidentally agreed to accompany a group of students already.....

Good God. How do you keep 500 fifteen-sixteen year old boys under control in a public place? Please don't put me in charge. Please don't put me in charge.


Kel said...

at my everland trip, the teachers just handed out the wristbands and then turned them loose until 5pm. while the students ran loose, the teachers drank tea, shopped, ate snacks, drank coffee, and shopped some more.

willie said...

500 15/16 year old boys on a subway sounds like hell! i wonder if old men suck their teeth and yell at them to shut up like they do to white people?

also i understand your fear of high school kids. im actually a bit frightened of middle school kids to tell you the truth, since theyre all taller than me too. i think its also the uniform thing. being confronted by a wall of black-clad, vulcans is never comfortable

I'm no Picasso said...

Yeah I don't think we're actually supposed to ride the rides. Fuck that. I'm going on a roller coaster, even if I have to partner up with a student.

I'm sure my students will get shouted at by at least one ajosshi. Black-clad vulcans -- yeah. And it is the uniforms as well, and the uniformity in shape and size. It's like being attacked by a mini militia.

Kel said...

what's a vulcan?

yeah i was the only teacher who rode any rides on my field trip and i totally got partnered up with a student(the one who is fluent) at the beginning of the day when the other teachers found out i was actually interested in doing more than sitting around drinking tea all day (shocking, i know...)