Okay. No one told me a field trip would require leaving my apartment an hour and a half earlier than I normally do. Tomorrow is definitely a hat day. Jesus.

Also, as we were leaving the office today, the head teacher asked Coteacher if I like rides. I responded with an enthusiastic, "Yes!" which made all of the teachers giggle, because normally when I'm addressed in Korean or by one of the other teachers in translation, or just in general when I'm dealing with anyone at school other than the students, I'm pretty quiet and reserved. They all looked really shocked. Apparently, it's not the done thing for the teachers to actually ride the rides when they go to Lotte World. They said they'll have to find a 'companion' for me. I have a sneaking suspicion that companion might be the young PE teacher, who I've fastidiously ignored ever since he blanked me at Incheon Bus Terminal Station, after he had cozied up to me on the bus and spoken 'alcohol English' for hours just a few weeks previous.

Today, we were having "snacks" in the teachers' lounge (more force-feeding). They tried to make me sit next to him when I came in, but I just shook my head and took a seat on the couch across the room. So he moved to the couch. I didn't so much as make eye contact, and we continued eating in silence. Eventually, after I had eaten as much as I could, he mustered enough nerve to point at the food and say, "Have more."

I started to answer in Korean, but stopped. I didn't want this particular conversation switching over on me. "Oh, no. I'm full."

He nodded and thought for a minute. "There is very much food....?"


After that, he just got up and left.

Am I too harsh? I just can't stand being blanked. It's a thing with me. Either you speak to me, or you don't. I can't get around that.

In other news, Someone thinks that we should hang out again sometime soon. I answered his initial text partially in slangy Korean, and he said he was impressed with my Korean, given the fact that I spoke pretty much none the last time we met. He asked, "Do you have a 'teacher' now or something?"

I don't know how I feel about hanging out with Someone. Especially since I'm supposed to be hanging out with Someone Else this weekend, and I think I will end up getting along with Someone Else much better. But who knows if that will come through.

Why do things move in cycles? What are the planets up to these days?

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