Korean studying posts on Tumblr.

I'm still trying to sort out exactly what I'm doing with the two blogs, but in the meantime, I've been making more language-learning related posts over on Tumblr. If that's the kind of thing you're in to, you might want to jump over there for a while.


Previously said...

I have a lot of questions about your method, since I'm preparing for the same exam. Have you looked at the 150 TOPIK Grammar book (for intermediate level)? I've found that it fills in a lot of the gaps, but I really struggle with finding a chance to actually put them into practice.

If you want practice with and feedback about your writing, the website lang-8.com is a really great resource. You can upload your writing and people post corrections very promptly (you have to correct their English in return, though). Best of luck!

Tharami said...

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