I would just like to say...

... the fact that someone comes across this blog at least once a week by googling "NPR is full of shit" just makes me ever so pleased with myself.

"Fat shiny pants" and "ASIAN MEN BONDAGE" not so much. The latter being in all caps makes me particularly nervous. Please don't hurt me.

Um. I've been on a super long vacation full of fuck all, other than dozens of movie marathons, lots of friends and food, pestering the hard-at-work 남친, indoor gardening and getting to all of the winter exhibitions I've been meaning to catch while I still can. By the way, the David LaChapelle exhibition at Seoul Arts Center was well worth the steepish 13,000 -- much larger than I expected it to be.

And now it's gone and fucking snowed. So that's me happily indoors for the remaining two days before I go back for the utter nonsense that the end of one school year and the beginning of a new one brings about. New head teacher. New class schedule. And a whole lot of shenanigans in between.

Yeah. I'll just keep taking it easy and enjoy the peace and quiet while I can. Spring semester is always a doosie.

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