Facebookin' with the 애들.

A couple of months back, I set up a Facebook account specifically for my students, because enough of the little buggers are on there now that I've been getting requests. And they don't need to know everything about my personal life, so Liz Teacher has her own account. It's been a great experience so far, especially since the students I'm "friends" with now are all my outgoing third graders, which means I can let my hair down with them quite a bit, and also I'll be able to keep in touch with them after they've gone.

But the things that have gone on. Haha. The greatest hits so far?

Well. The most popular question is....


Of course I do.

And some slightly less brilliant questions as well, such as:

"원래이름이[my full name in Korean]인가용??"

Then, there are the comments about Busan, who it wasn't difficult for them to find:

"쌤 남친귀여우시네요"

"wow handsome~~~"


"u didnt tell me u had a boy friend who is HOTTIE!!!(I am not gay kkk)"

Words I didn't need to know they knew. And my personal favorite of that bunch:


It's almost English, I think.

Then there are the ones who don't actually speak English, constantly trying to decode my messages until I translate them into Korean:


Which, at first, I tried to avoid doing until the popular consensus came back:


But the best result so far has definitely been this:


The feeling is very mutual. But talking together would be a little easier if they'd watch their typos, misspellings, grammatical errors and 애교. It's been hell on my rusty Korean. And I highly recommend getting your kids involved with a teacher version of your Facebook page for this exact reason.


kawaii_candie said...

what a good idea!! i've gotten requests from students, or ex students in the past and always felt bad for refusing them, but i really don't want them to know all about my personal life and hear me bitching about work!

it would be really good if you could translate when you write stuff in korean though... don't assume that all your readers live there and can read it!

I'm no Picasso said...

Yeah having a dummy account is useful for those moments when they catch me off guard (if they've seen the FB app icon on my phone, for example and know that I have it).

Sorry... I get lazy about translating things in both directions. I'll try to be better about it, but make no promises. Haha.