I have one thing and one thing only, really, to say about Steve Jobs' passing. And that is that I hope the coworker who shall remain nameless (although I think we all know who it was) who insinuated that his stepping down had more to do with Koreans suing Apple than with his illness feels suitably guilty now. Although I know for a fact that she does not. She was just proud to show me that she had learned the word "pancreatic" this morning.

In other news, next week is Busan's birthday so I've been a busy little bitch today. I may go into details about what with after he's seen it all himself, because he has a tendency to snoop around this place. And I don't need my fucking blog ruining the surprise.

So, birthday 'hings tomorrow night, Saturday morning Korean studying in a cafe with friends, and then..... well. Two more weeks with the chil'en until I'm on my home leave for another year. That's only just set in because I booked my flight last night. Over a year, it's been. The longest ever. Let's hope that's not a trend.

I also have something I've been meaning to get around to talking about regarding the students, but that will have to wait, because now I'm for bed. I dealt with Korean, technology and cooking all in the same day. I'm done.

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