One of those days.

My semester so far has been unduly simple. Compared to last semester, I've got it made. Wriggled my way out of after school classes by blaming my home leave, which would have put me eight classes behind everyone else, so I have plenty of time (and energy) after work to study Korean. I'm teaching the firsties, who, although confusing to me at times in the way their little brains function, are actually a lot easier to control than the third graders, given that (in most cases) I have pure brawn on my side. Aka, I'm bigger than they are. Which is not necessary, but does help. There's something about being able to tower over someone when you stare them down, rather than having to.... well, literally stare them up, as I do with most of my third graders.

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karisuma gyaru said...

ah man... that HT girl would drive me nuts! you are brave and strong! and good for you for not giving in!!

also i'm really happy for you that your schedule seems to be better this semester! yay!