So basically, my third anniversary in Korea just passed, and I didn't really acknowledge it. I'm sure more than a few people have noticed that this blog has been pretty quiet lately, especially compared to what it used to be.

It's never a good idea to say, or even begin to think, that one has a good handle on a foreign culture. That's a lesson that I learned early on. But it's safe to say that, for the moment, I am kind of nestled in. There aren't too many things in my daily life that challenge or surprise me, anymore than there might be in life in any other place.

I've also kind of just gotten over the internet as a whole, for the moment. There's developing as a foreigner and a teacher, and then there is developing as a blogger. Both things are going through a moment of pause and rest, for the time being.

Which might be good.

As I've mentioned before, on Saturday I'll be flying home for the first time in over a year for two weeks with my family. Nothing jolts things into perspective or jogs a new phase of how I think about the time I spend here in Korea more than that. At the moment, my life is just..... nice. I meet my friends. I meet my boyfriend. I meet my coworkers. I work. I teach. I play with my students. I occasionally meet a new person who makes my life here even a little brighter.

What I'm trying to say is, after three years, it is actually starting to feel a bit like home. And no doubt there will be some collisions of realities such as have not been encountered before once I am back in my other home, facing the fact that there are, for the second time in my life, two of them. And what that may mean for the future.

This is fucking boring. Basically, I kind of hope to just get back to where this blog started for a while. Just a daily account of what the fuck I'm up to and what it's making me think about. For the moment, and especially after the nonsense that went on last week, I'm just enjoying the quiet. The quiet inbox. The quiet internet. My own fucking quiet, even, for fuck's sake.

But I'm sure it won't stay quiet for long.

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동수 said...

Safe travels~ Whee~