i'm a seventeen-year-old girl and i thought high school boys and their stupid "go make me a sandwich"-type comments were annoying enough. i'm guessing it never really lets up?

You know what? It absolutely does let up. Once you leave high school, you have the power to take your skill set and go to another place of employment if the male coworkers treat you with disrespect. You have the choice to shut down a conversation and tell a man to exit your company if he speaks to you in that manner out in public. And, most importantly, you have the right to choose to befriend, date and marry men who have a right mindset about women. And there are plenty of them out there.

Like it or not, men of the type who send me these messages are rightfully a dying breed. Women and, increasingly, men will no longer tolerate their bullshit. They are socially unacceptable, which is why they feel the need to take to anonymous forums on the internet. That's a good thing.

As for the high school boys making sandwich jokes, just steer clear. Let the girls who make excuses for that kind of behavior end up married to them. They may be hot shot jocks now, but they won't look so cute when they're growling at you to get dinner finished, get their laundry ironed and shut the kids up.

Aim for university and beyond. It does get a lot better.

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cdk_me said...

Just a comment - these same guys who say "go make me a sandwich" will probably be saying "would you like fries with that" while you're in college getting a degree