Females have a lower IQ than males, why are you surprised about this? Oh wait, you have a twat, hence your ignorance/stupidity

I'll tell you what. I can see plainly from your IP information that you live in Seoul. Email me and set up a date to meet. We'll see how your attitude changes to my face. Let's face it -- you're clearly of the stock that would completely fail to get such an offer off a woman of my quality otherwise. You should actually be grateful.

If you're too cowardly to do so, however, then I see no reason to pay you any more attention, and this will be the last of your messages that I respond to. You're plainly ridiculous and more than a bit obsessed with my blog. I'm flattered to have caught your attention, despite my low IQ. Really. But I'm sorry to inform you that the feeling is less than mutual. I'm sure it's hardly the first time you've heard that, so you should bounce back alright, yeah?

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FleursDeLis said...

...I legitimately do not know whether to laugh or to repeatedly bang my head against a desk at this idiot.
Well handled, as usual.

Mr. Spock said...

I gotta think that maybe he was being sarcastic in a manner which criticizes jerks who think that way. The formspring function can make it difficult to make an attempt at irony come through clearly. My guess is that the person was outraged by the treatment you described in the previous post and wrote his thing in acerbic, sarcastic outrage. No one could possibly write something like that in all seriousness. Right?

Rob-o-SE-yo said...

Mr. Spock

unless the goal was not to engage in discussion, etc., but to create an atmosphere of harassment/intimidation.

I'm no Picasso said...

Mr. Spock -- Trust me when I say that if you had seen the several very violent messages I chose not to publish, you would definitely know that the comment was not sarcastic in the least. This blog has a couple of really frightening readers who hate women an awful lot.

Charles said...

"Jane you ignorant slut."
Sorry, but that's the first thing that popped into my head.
But seriously, I applaud your subtle method for pointing out the ignorance of the individual who inspired the post. Going for the jugular is easy and feels good but stooping to another's level never helps your position.
And I can only say bravo to: "The fascinating thing is, no one ever does that to my face. At least, they never do it more than once."

ben said...

Would it be insensitive for me to say that I look forward to the day when I inspire someone to send me hate mail?