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Google search: i'm no picasso boyfriend marry

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Question: Why is the internet full of complete freaks?

Leave me alone and get your lives together.

I was in Yeongdeungpo being a disgusting couple with my boyfriend until like midnight last night, and I don't have any classes today, so we're going old school with this one and just going to make it a rambly, personal nonsense kind of day. Dig?

First and foremost, I'm happy to report that, although one of my new students at the study room tried to shove my 4 gauge earring through his lobe before I had the chance to stop him on Monday, I don't appear to have contracted any diseases from then kind of staring at the thing in my palm, thinking about it, wiping it on my shirt a few times, and then putting it back in. I mean. Yeah. That's dirty. But when you work with boys, sometimes you just have to suck it up and take your chances with hepatitis.

But the good news is that, although the new study room crew are no less gangstery than the last, they are a hell of a lot more polite. They like to make scenes, for example, by walking me to the bus and then lining up to bow at full 90 degree angles while I get on. I must appear to be the leader of some kind of pubescent crime ring in that neighborhood now, or something. But the point is, they've got good manners. And I beat the strongest one at arm wrestling on Monday, so they are well within my grip. For now.

Uh. What else is going on? Jangma's here. Fucking hooray for that. Not. Everything is soggy, my hair is just a constant disaster, and I'm ruining all of my shoes. I hate this shit. Last year I went home for the entire month of August and bypassed it almost entirely. That's not going to happen this year. So.

Um. Maybe actually going to Vietnam finally, although how many times have you people heard that one? Currently ironing out some awkward details with the namja about how my going a bit spastic on him even mentioning moving in together a couple of weeks ago combined with my really uncomfortable pauses when he mentions taking all of our vacations together forever does not mean that I actually hate him, but rather that it's been a really fucking long time since I've done this and I just need a minute to get my shit together and kind of stop panicking.

True story: when all of my girl friends were busy watching "Sex and the City" at university and identifying with Carrie Bradshaw, I found myself constantly being like, "Now hold on a minute because Big kind of has a point on this one...." And I never really saw him as the asshole the show makes him out to be, and Carrie was kind of fucking dramatic and clingy, if you ask me. And then I think it may have all culminated in me getting really, really drunk while we watched the show one night and maybe actually crying about how I'm fundamentally fucked up and A Bad Person just like Carrie and her friends thought Mr. Big was. Which my friends at the time only half-heartedly tried to argue with.

Well. Maybe I am Mr. Big. But I'm not a dick. And Busan's pretty patient with it, and I think may even take genuine joy in trying to make me uncomfortable sometimes. He's become a big fan of chuckling and telling me that 'first step is hardest'. Which is a little condescending, but also a little bit true. So we're doing alright.

Other than that. No. There's nothing else really. Haven't you missed these kinds of posts? I know I haven't.


Mr Nameless said...

Ha, Liz is the leader of the Red Hand Gang! (You're probably too young to remember that show. It was a gang of pubescents!)

Gomushin Girl said...

The Incheon Irregulars?

Ri said...

Don't feel the need to spill all the drama on the blog.
but Yeongdeungpo? I'm right across the river in Mapogu, going to 서강대 this summer! Any good spots in the area to recommend for fun?

I'm no Picasso said...

I answered these comments earlier today and the internet ate it. So... one more time.

Billy -- From wiki: "The series has often been broadcast in the United Kingdom, where it is considerably better known than in its home country." Maybe I'm not too young; maybe I'm too American. I think that's probably true in a lot of cases these days, actually.

GG -- Making them try to say the word "irregular" alone would be worth the name.

Ri -- I don't know the area terribly well, because it's where my boyfriend's office is, so I only take the bus over there on weeknights, wait in a coffee shop for him to finish work, and then kind of trip along behind him to wherever it is he's worked out for dinner and drinks. I do know there is Times Square, which has a lot of good shopping, and the Lotte Department store which has the cinema and a ton of restaurants, and also the streets across the street from Lotte are full of restaurants and hofs and bars. There's a flair bar, which I haven't been in yet, but which is pretty happening even on weeknights, and a much quieter little jazz bar where there are only ever two men playing Go-Stop and some of the best music you can hear just out and about in Korea. That's our place of choice, usually. You can email me for more specific details, if you want....