Head Teacher kissed me today.

I just felt like letting the world know that. I won't suffer in silence.

The only other thing of note in the last couple of days is how out of control my shopping gets in the summer. Do you know why? Because I'm fucking hot. And all I can think about is how if I put that over there on that rack on, I'd probably be like 3% less hot than I am right now. So then I buy it. And wear it. And I'm still fucking hot. And the cycle just continues.

I need to stop buying shit and just turn my a/c on. But I hate the a/c. Maybe it'll all come out in the wash, with savings on the electricity bill. Although probably not, because I spent 200,000 won today alone. But the good news is, I've got something nice to wear on my first weekend date in two weeks with my boyfriend tomorrow night. So who fucking cares.

Not teaching right now. So sorry. This is what my actual life looks like.


Flint said...

That is a feat. :)

Gomushin Girl said...

I . . .just . . . I'm sorry, I can't even wrap my head around this. She kissed you? How does that even happen?