Looking forward.

Posting might get a bit sparse here this month. Next week, Grandma INP arrives for a three week visit. By the way, if anyone has any suggestions for what to do with a seventy year old woman in Korea who's never left the U.S. before (save for Mexico, maybe thirty years ago), they would be greatly appreciated. I feel out of my league on this one.

And, after forcing the S.O. into a nice little American style conversation on Friday night (poor guy -- to be fair, I did try it his way first), he's gone a bit trigger happy and has decided to cram as many "dates" in as possible before Grams arrives. He will be meeting Grams, and he seems to have no fear about that, although I've got loads of apprehension -- my family's not known for being the friendliest to S.O. outsiders from the beginning, tending toward dead protective instead. And he got nervous enough, just meeting my friends for the first time. Making a good first impression is important to him, but he tends to go a bit funny from trying too hard. My grams is the matriarch of our family of very strong women -- she's not a character to be trifled with, but if there's one thing I know about Korean culture coming through for me on this one, he will without a doubt have no problems showing the proper amount of respect, which has been an issue with S.O. s of the past. There's a lot of potential for the extremely awkward. Look forward to the report of that. Anyway, there's not that much going on at work this week, anyway, as exams are on and then Thursday is Children's Day.

Mostly, I'm looking forward to the weather getting a bit warmer, work slowing down and the epic cookout weekend our little group is planning on one of the islands off the coast in Incheon probably sometime in June. For now, it's time to get myself together to go meet the S.O. for a movie date, and then meet the girls for dinner. Because I can do that tonight, seeing as I only have to teach one class tomorrow.

Everyone's complaining that it's looking more and more like Korea's infamous four seasons are going to fail us once again, and we're not going to get a spring this year. Me, I'm a fucking Texan. What do I care? Bring on the summer, I say.


Anonymous said...

Maybe take your grandma to Changdeok Palace? I know in the fall they had moonlight tours and they may have started that up again. The palace is famous for its "Secret Garden", and if there are any cherry blossoms still clinging to the trees, I'm sure it will be beautiful. The palace is in Seoul, and on the website they have directions on how to get there etc.

Hope you have fun with your grandma.

Mr. Spock said...

It's very easy for you to say "Bring on the summer", but I am Canadian and I am dreading it, although the lilacs are in bloom so I am in HEAVEN at the moment.