The power of the ajumma exponent.

There are ways around being magnae. This is what good seniors are for.


The Korean said...

Whaaaat??? You're not going to whine and bitch about your contract saying this and that? Whaaaaaat???? You are actually going to try what Koreans would do in your situation???? My head just exploded.


Brett said...

Lol at what The Korean said!

Sounds like a good plan to me.

I'm no Picasso said...

At some point you realize that you can either swim upstream or down. It's easier to change your own way of doing things than it is to change everyone else around you.

Plus, this way my seniors just handle it all for me.^^

Gomushin Girl said...

No offense, K, but could you save the snark and the gleeful baiting for a time when contractual issues were actually at hand? I mean, INP fully deserves praise for how she handled it, but the issue wasn't anything to do with, say, her housing not being paid for as promised or being assigned substantially more teaching hours than her contract allows.

I'm no Picasso said...

That's true. And as I'm sure anyone suspects, I would do whatever I had to do in that situation, even if it did mean pulling out the contract and waving it around. Because I'm not about to be taken for a ride.

But to be fair, I do think that the teachers who stay here longer and who want to get along a little more easily and acclimate can do with a little adaptation. Not because it's the "right" thing, but because it really does make for an easier life in the long run. If I were planning on being in and out in a year, then I would run my contract up a motherfucking flagpole. But being as it is, sometimes taking it on the chin in the short run gets your further in the long run. There were times last year when I looked around at all the shit the principal expected the English teachers to accomplish and would step up and do things that were not in my contract. Because of that, if this current nutty woman decides to make my life hell this year, I don't have to stress about finding another position with her bad recommendation. Because my previous co-teacher will take me on no questions asked.

It's just a matter of what you want in the long run, I think.

But yeah. No one's taking my flat away. You draw the line somewhere.

The Korean said...


If I saved my contract-related snark to a person who is actually having a contract problem, I'd become a full-blown asshole instead of just playing one on the Interwebz.