In which the beast reveals itself.

So. I know. I can admit it. My head has been in other places of late. But when your job basically disappears out from under you for nearly three months, what choice do you really have? Luckily today they finally put me back in the game. The completely chaotic, disorganized shit show of a game. That is.

Whatever. I'm an old hand at this at this point. It was the new co-teachers who were fluttering about pissing on themselves. Including the main one. Who oddly managed to completely undermine me anyway. Amazing how that happens. I know. She's old and she's the boss and this is Korea. It's not quite as bad as the head teacher who insists on greeting me with "안녕" even though she also insists on speaking to me in full-blown lightening speed Korean and expecting me to always understand and answer. But honestly.


Anonymous said...

I can completely empathize with you. I have been dealing with all sorts of nonsense about whether I should be made to teach with a co teacher or be left on my own (like last semester). I was questioned several times about my preference by my new coworkers, but I quickly realized that was merely a nicety. No one was planning on listening to my ideas from the get-go. Finally a coworker of mine attested to the fact that I really could teach on my own, and thankfully at the last minute I was given my way. Now I just sit back and let the decisions be made for me. Too much useless stress otherwise.

Gomushin Girl said...

Oh man, some of my favorite classes back in the day were the supposedly low level students - I found they nearly always tried harder than anyone else and really threw themselves into the activities. Man, I miss those kids! And you're totally right that they're often the ones who benefit most from having a native speaker in the classroom . . . I did have an awkward time teaching a teachers' class though, simply because at my schools it always brought issues of status right to the fore, and the level of fluency was all over the map in a way that it seldom is with students.

I'm no Picasso said...

I don't know. I felt better when I thought the 'changes' she was going to make would be throwing more shit at me. That, I can handle. I kind of live for it a little, in fact. But taking shit away is a different story.

Shotgun.... I don't even know what I would do if what you mean by "teach with a co-teacher" is "become the tape recorder/score keeper". I would just leave probably.

Gomushin Girl... I love the low levels. I love the high levels, as well. Just for different reasons. But I don't see the point of continuing to give the cream of the crop all the advantages. It's something I've seen happen a little too often and something my former co-teachers have worked really hard against.

As for the teachers' class... it could be a massive disaster, but there aren't many pain-in-the-ass teachers at my school, so I think it should be alright. Anyway, I would like to try it. Just not at the expense of the mothers' class.