Important Note.

For some reason (I really can't imagine why), these posts I've been making of late complaining about my co-teacher have been re-posted on Facebook and Twitter and all such sort of nonsense. Which is fine. But I feel like it's easy to take them out of context that way, and to take my position as a teacher who works with Korean co-teachers out of context that way.

I don't know what kind of co-teachers anyone else has had, and I don't like it when people correct my own version of my experience, so I'm not likely to do it to someone else. But I do want to say that this co-teacher is not, in my 2.5 years of experience with over 20 co-teachers, a typical Korean co-teacher. She is nothing of the sort. Neither is she a "typical" Korean. She is an obnoxious freak of the highest order, and probably the most offensive and irritating person I've ever had to work with. In any country. Which is saying something. Because my last work place in New York was kind of a sinkhole of violent personality disorders (aka "writers").

I'm upset because this is not a normal example of a co-teacher, or a Korean, or a colleague. It's not what I'm used to. At all.

Just so we're clear. I'm not about to go all Korean Rum Diary on you all. After all, I at least have the good grace not to dare to compare myself to Hunter S. Thompson.

In other words, I know what some of you folk are playing at, and it would suit you best not to use my blog to play at it. Or at least not to let me find out about it. Because I will eat your faces. Fact. Just saying.


kushibo said...

Love the KRD line.

Yeah, I'm always a tad leery when people take my blog out of context.

My Corea-versus-Korea is trotted out by the most Korea-bashing of Korea bashers at times, which is never what I intended it for, and it ends up making me look like I'm one of them.

WORD VERIFICATION: purratin: a Pilgrim's cat

Eve said...

I always say that people forget blogging is episodic. Blog posts are so, so easy to take out of context.

And what I've noticed too is that most people will pay attention only to the bad, not the good. Sex sells, so to speak.

Everyone likes to paint things in black or white, I guess.

Good luck with uber freak. I've had 6 months of excellent co-ts and I think I would be seriously dismayed if what's happening to you happened to me.

And it DOES sound like it's a very extreme situation.

Rob-o-SE-yo said...

have I told you about my six-pack?

Burndog said...

I would be upset if my posts were ever taken in context.

Mr. Spock said...

Yeah it takes courage to blog your life. There is a reason most of my blog posts are fictional.