My actual, literal last twenty minutes of life.

Every day my lunch is main and two side dishes. Side dishes sometimes fruit, sometimes vegetable. Sometimes I have the fruit and the vegetables. Main dish is tofu. You know tofu? Mm. Tofu. Or rice cake. Maybe rice bowl. Rice with kimchi. Or anchovies... how can I say? Baked? Anchovy. Anchovies? How can I say? Baked? Baked anchovy? Baked anchovies?

Today I gave the students an assignment. During class time I had them to write a journal. This year they will keep a journal. Today I gave them an assignment that they had to write about their future. They had to write about their job and what they want to do in the future. They had to write about their future dream. They had to write at least more than seven sentences. Because I think it's good for the students to practice their writing in English. If they keep a journal, then they can practice their writing in English. I will have to read a lot of journals, though.

This student confused me with Mrs. Kim. He came to ask if he could get something back from Mrs. Kim but he asked it to me instead of Mrs. Kim. He said, "Can you give me my basketball back?" But I didn't have it. I wasn't that teacher. Some teacher took the basketball from him because he was playing with it, but it was Mrs. Kim. It wasn't me. He got confused me for Mrs. Kim.

St. Patrick's Day is coming. It's a foreign holiday. On that day, many Westerners drink the green beer. It's a normal custom to wear a lot of green things. St. Patrick's Day comes from Ireland. I read about it in our text book. St. Patrick's Day is an Irish holiday and on that day many Irish people drink beer and wear green clothes. It's coming very soon, I think.

The school nurse and I used to work at the same school. Me and another teacher and the school nurse used to be at the same school. At one time, we three guys... we three people worked at the same school. So the nurse sent me a message and sent also a message to the other teacher. We were at the same school at one time and now the nurse sent a message to both of us and asked us if we wanted to have a dinner on Saturday. I said, sure! Why not! Hahaha!


Jacquie said...

I don't mean to be rude, but are you okay? Your writing is different than usual.

MikejGrey said...

Oh my god. Please write more updates like this.

Tell her to enjoy her country!

Eve said...

Your sense of humor is extremely clever. How can I say, how can I say? It is ... very good! I think you are ... very smart girl! Yes, yes, very smart! How can I say ... you blend irony and satire together very well. I heard that in the U.S., you drink a blended drink, what's the word? How can I say? I want to try your foreign drink. Korea is best.

Rob-o-SE-yo said...

Oh! I have a question. I read a little while ago that America has a very high divorce rate... I think it's because Korea family values. Do you think that Korea's divorce rate is low because of Korea's family values? I mean, it's lower than your country, isn't it? I'm just asking because you seem very smart, so I think you can explain American disappeared family values to me. We could talk about it together with some coppee. I want to be your best Korean friend.

Anonymous said...

I imagine all of this being said in one unceasing flow of words, with no pauses, all in monotone, and never a glance to the expression on your face.

Rob-o-SE-yo said...

I once got monopolized by a student's mom, who took me to a hotel lunch buffet (sweet) in order to apologize for her English, trot out the rehearsed comments she'd planned on various current events of the day, and manipulate the conversation in order to pound the table and shout the "101 English idioms" she'd learned from a book, and been practicing.

It was very droll... but it was one morning, and hey. Free hotel buffet brunch.

I'm no Picasso said...

It's awesome, isn't it, when someone traps you in a situation where they're using you as a live-action English response machine with no regard to the fact that you're actually a human being who may or may not be interested in the subject at hand? It makes you feel great about yourself as a person, and also extremely happy to be alive and in that particular situation. This is now my entire day, all day, except for the time when I'm teaching classes. Just being used as an English reception device. Never mind the lesson plans I need to get done.