Stupidity in otherwise lovely people.

More work annoyances. I can’t wait for all these meetings and “business trips” to slow down so I can stop having dumbass conversations with people. My business trip today is in a neighborhood I go to at least once a week. I know it takes at least an hour and a half to get there from here, if the traffic is good. I’m supposed to be there at 1:25. My four class ends at 12:30. Even if I don’t eat lunch, I’m still going to be late. Even if I don’t eat lunch and someone covers my four class, I’ll still just barely make it.

Explain this to the co-teachers. Watch as they give you that all-too-familiar Korean work culture look that means that you, as the employee, are somehow supposed to suspend the very laws of physics in order to make something happen the way that they want it to.

I’ve already done everything that I can do. I’ve agreed to go alone, even though a Korean teacher is supposed to be attending (and driving me there). I’ve agreed not to eat lunch. I’m not asking anyone to cover my four class. What I am saying is that, within the limits of reality, as in physical time and space, you have two options: 1. Someone takes my four class and I show up on time or 2. I teach my four class and show up late. You can keep saying that you don't think it will take that long to get there as much as you want, but that's not going to change the fact that you don't use public transport or live in this city and have no idea how long it will take, even if you would prefer to believe that I'm an incompetent foreign idiot who has no idea what she's talking about and/or is just lying for some strange reason.

Or I could get started on whatever step in evolution will allow me to sprout wings so that I can fly there in half the time. But that might take a while.

It’s really very simple. But no. Just continue to stand there and stare at me with that uncomfortable look on your face. I’m sure that will solve everything.



SaraJayne said...

You are not alone my friend, you are not alone!!

Anonymous said...

you are not alone, but the negativity of your comments are both annoying and amusing. i guess if we have nothing to complain about then we would always find something..

Sara-Jayne said...

I just love reading posts like that on your blog because then I realise I am not alone!

You need to write the GEPIK,EPIK and every other programme in Korea "handbook" of how to handle life in a public school!!

Anonymous said...

I think she's incredibly positive, anonymous. You just don't like straight shooters spoiling your fantasies.