Comics and busy nothingness.

Nothing much to report -- three classes today, all great. We're making comics because we're ages ahead in the book, and one included a happy ending where a father and son look at porn together. Creepy. Another managed not to contain any words at all and was basically just a visual depiction of a cow being slaughtered, turned into meat and then barbecued (?). Some others made less sense. But the boys were put on the spot and asked to present their comics to the class with very little warning (because I don't like to hear moaning), and, especially given that it was my first time asking this of the firsties, they did a great job. Also, setting a countdown clock on the computer has saved my life in the lessons this week. Without it, the comic lesson is let's-dick-around-as-much-as-possible time. With it, it's super-productive-bballi-bballi-time. Clear expectations, my loves. They make all the difference in the world.

Super busy. Have already been out to Bupyeong and back today. Business trip tomorrow, where I will be visiting the middle school of two of my students at the study room (they carefully wrote my name down in English to show to their weoneomin in preparation for this event, so if two of your students randomly presented you with a piece of paper with a foreigner's name on it this week, and then couldn't explain why, well... now you know -- nice to meet you!). And. And. Stuff and things. I've got a to-do list the length of my arm. I'm going to wander off and try to stay awake long enough to accomplish some of it now. Substantial posts coming this weekend (I hope). Love you!

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