Gusts Of Popular Feeling has some posts up this morning that have caught my attention.

Firstly, nobody work for Pagoda ever. This is disgusting.

And secondly, I hope they find him and chop his junk off.

My foreign English teaching brothers, I feel bad for you. I have to sit through the occasional lecture about how bad foreigners are from inbred backwoods racists (and occasionally, as has been wont to happen with racism, some otherwise surprisingly well-balanced and likable people), only to have nearly every one of the people who feel comfortable unloading such a thing on me, a foreigner, qualify it somewhere near the end with, "Well foreign men. The women are okay." Of course. Women are for conquering, and men are to be conquered by. Believe me. This comes with its own pack of issues for foreign women. But at least in my job, which is the most important thing to me here in Korea, I am not viewed as a potential threat. I can't imagine what that must be like.

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Chris in South Korea said...

Contrast the 'female' ad with a previous sign of Direct English. It showed the male teacher, smiling in a suit quite close, while the female student appeared to be making eye contact, apparently comfortable with the closeness. A sign of the apocalypse, or a weird Photoshop job?