Having the bad boys on your side, as a teacher (or probably any other kind of human being), is mostly priceless. However. There can be times when there are downsides.

I've been giving my classes the option between a movie and games all week. The A level boys have mostly opted for games, because movies bore them (as they do me). The lower level classes, it should go without saying, have almost all shouted out, "MOVIE!" rendering the vote I administer mostly useless.

However. Daesook and Minwoo's class yesterday.

"Two choices today. You choose. Choice 1: Watch a movie. Choice 2: Play a game."


"Oh man. Again? Movie, boring."

Seungwon: "Teacher no want movie?"

"It's okay. Just, I've watched this movie 15 times this week."

Minwoo to Seungwon [in Korean]: "What did she say?"

Seungwon: "She's watched the movie too many times already. She doesn't want to watch the movie again."

Me: "Okay. Let's take a vote: if you want to watch the movie, raise your hand!"

Everyone except Seungwon and Minwoo raise their hands, including Daeseok.

Minwoo to Daeseok: "Hey! Teacher doesn't want to watch the movie!"

Daeseok: "Oh really?" [Addressing the other boys in the class] "Hey. Assholes. Movie's boring. We're playing games."

Every hand instantly goes down. No matter what I said, I couldn't get them to put them back up. Even offering to beat up Daeseok for everybody. So we played games. Haha.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha
that was a great moment. would've paid money to see the whole intimidation tactic going down.