I'm thinking very seriously, this morning, about leaving my MOE, even if it means leaving Korea. I've had a very serious breaking point moment with their inability to treat employees like human beings. I've given a lot to this job, and given up a lot for this job. I've been here for nearly two years, and I think that merits at least some consideration. Especially considering what I'm giving up at this very moment. And I just might be angry enough about this to make it worth giving up Korea, if that's what it comes down to.

I can reason myself into accepting nearly everything, but when those things come along that I can't accept, there is no reasoning with me whatsoever. And this just might be one of those occasions. So I'll take the day to cool down and think about it. But this might be it for me and public schools in Korea.

I find it twice as painful that this comes on the tails of me being forced into an "honorable" teachers' weekend. When someone can't be bothered to put paperwork through quickly enough to allow me time with my family during deskwarming time, when I'll be doing literally nothing, after my grandfather's death, while I sit here and teach classes all through the time he is dying. And I'm expected to just accept this, smile and nod and not get upset. Be grateful for their fucking weekend full of lectures on how great Korea is.

No. I don't think it's going to go down that way this time. I don't think I could make it even if I really tried. There are going to be words this time. Even if it means just walking away from everything.


Asiana said...

Right is right and wrong is wrong. The work ethic in Asians is something to be admired BUT there are certain situations where you have to think of yourself. My mother always told me to not work for Koreans (in the US) and she wouldnt even want me to in Korea...but that is the only way I can stay for a year. In this case, you should put yourself and your feelings first and do what you feel is best. And, if you have to leave...Im sure you can get another job somewhere else if you want to come back. Follow your instincts and do what is ultimately better for you! And best wishes for your family in this time. Hopefully, everything works out and I can still meet you next year!

Take care,


Burndog said...

You've got to learn to say no. You don't have to go on this weekend jaunt. Just explain that you need time alone to think about some things. If you need to go home to be with your family...and they won't give you time...maybe you need to give notice. Go home for a bit. If you want to come back...come back.

Don't think that everything has to be forever. What the fuck is forever anyway? It's a label. Something we've invented to pretend that this all keeps going. Look after yourself...and as much as possible remember that you can do what you need to and come back...home is always there...Korea is always here.

Keep cool.

Laura. said...

Keep your head up girl, even know I know it really hurts. Do whatever you think is best for you, and you only. This is a hard time for you, and I think your school should understand and accept that. If you think you're done with this school, then pack up and leave. I'm really sorry with what is going on Jellybean. <3 Thoughts are with you.