The future divorcee and the fortune teller.

Bless their little hearts. They never look more like little boys than on exam days. Shuffling in head-first on tiptoe with hair still wet from a late morning shower sticking up and out in every which direction, sleepy half-closed little eyes. "Good morning!"


They can't even be bothered trying with English on these days. Or Korean, really, either.

Today there's a teacher's lunch outside of school. Third grade teachers only. There are a couple of characters I'm dying to get to know down in that office this year, particularly as a duo. There's the art teacher -- a bustling, round middle aged woman who wears more makeup than a drag queen and what I suspect are violet colored contact lenses. She, apparently, is psychic. A fortune teller.

Situated at the desk directly next to her is a sort of neurotic younger man who seems nice enough but kind of creeps me out, because he tends to lock eyes onto me and smile like a lunatic any time I walk into the office to make copies or wash a cup, and he always gives a full 90 degrees bow when he passes me in the hallway. And I don't fucking know him. At all. One day when I came in to wash a cup, a student was at the sink doing the washing up. I placed my hand on the student's back, and began to say, "Excuse me," when I was suddenly interrupted by this guy shouting, "Hey man! Move!" in 'hilarious' English at the student. Who responded by slowly turning to look at the other teacher, slowly turning back to face me, rolling his eyes and then slowly walking away. Classic. What's worse, this guy lives in my neighborhood, so I get to run into him outside of school as well.

Anyway, apparently these two have become whispering little cubicle buddies, and the younger man, who just recently got married, is unhappy with his new life. Always fighting with the missus, who has apparently turned into a total wench upon completion of the honeymoon. The fortune teller has informed him that this is because they will be getting a divorce soon, that they were never meant to be together, and so he'd better start to prepare. And, taking this all in earnest, he apparently has been.

This is all obviously fucking hilarious. And I only learned about it because absolutely every single other teacher is laughing their ass off about it as well. While I'm not looking forward to what I'm already sure is bound to be an 'incident' with this male teacher at the lunch today, I am looking forward to seeing these two unlikely pals interact.

It's going to be a good one. Oh yes.

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Tiffani said...


My students looked older than ever to me today, though. Mostly because half of them changed out of their uniforms at lunchtime (???) and got all dolled up. And then ran away screaming when I tried to talk to them in English, as they are wont to do.