I'm still here.

Oh, good gracious. You people coming on out of the wood-works now.

Just calm down. I'm still here. This is still Liz's Blog. It's not going to turn into The Blog authored by: Liz anytime soon.

Would you like to know what I did today? Would that make you feel better?

Well. I woke up to a terrifying message, had a panic attack, called my family, calmed down. Cleaned my apartment, fed my rabbit, did 108 bows. Watched Ninja Assassin and didn't spend 50% of the time sucking air through my teeth and hiding my face in my shirt, I swear. Thought about going out to buy flowers: didn't. Smoked a pack of cigarettes and drank a gallon of coffee. Got a new crush on a fellow blogger. Tried to read about the Democratization Movement, but ended up dozing off. Ignored some phone calls. Turned my phone off. Turned it back on. Wrote some poems and got some horrific smelling ink all over my hands, arms, pants and face (?), but luckily not my floor. Listened to recordings of Hwang Byeong-ki playing the gayangeum. Missed my family. Ate some kimchi fried rice. Didn't wash the pan (yet). Wasted a lot of time on the internet. Didn't leave the apartment one time.

There. Happy now?

I love you guys.

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