Well, first bit of news is that I have been hit by the ban-stick from the mods over at Dave's ESL Cafe. Hilarious. I'm not sure exactly what it was about -- I tended to rub a lot of people the wrong way over there. I did get an indirect warning on Saturday about name calling and "quoting text containing profanity" after someone called me a "dike" and I corrected the spelling and called him a hillbilly. I was a good little girl and didn't do any name calling after my warning, so I'm not sure what warranted the ban. I've got a message in to the mods, but no response yet.

The sad bit is that there was a certain member of the forum I had tentative plans of meeting on Thursday night for a couple of drinks, but I don't have any other contact info for him so.......

Coteacher is a co-teaching goddess and, after feeling extremely guilty for leaving me alone in the cold office all day on Friday, she went right over our grumpy VP's head (even though the VP usually gives in where I'm concerned) straight the P and asked him if I could cancel my classes for Christmas Eve and go with the third graders to see a movie. She knows how much I'm going to miss those boys, and has gone out of her way to get me every last second she can with them before they go. I was told today by the boyfriend crew that I am not allowed to see New Moon because it is "trash" and have to see Avatar with them instead. They used their very best English to make quite pitch for it, because they know I have no tv and absolutely no idea what's going on in the pop media, but I'm still not sure.

Got to see my boys at the center tonight. The set of twins I'm still having trouble with... they really do look exactly alike, and their mannerisms are all the same. I can spot the other two out from a mile away, but with this set, I have to wait until I'm actually talking to them to know which one I'm dealing with. I told my high schooler his new English word is "relax" because that's what he needs to do. He's so blasted cute. He's got to be breaking hearts left and right, because he's a little guitar playing youth grouper who's got the whole true-love-waits thing going on. There's nothing more devastating to the teenage girl heart than a boy who should be running around being a true player giving his heart (and body) to Jesus instead. And acting all shy about it in the process.

By the way, for those of you who haven't noticed yet, this "loser" thing has gone entirely too far. I heard it about half a million times last week in replacement of the word "short" while we were describing celebrities. Boys. You can't call G Dragon a loser. I'm sorry. Today, Seungtak, one of my 313 boys, had on a hoody with two male figures on the front. One was short, labeled "LOSER" underneath. One was tall, labeled "WINNER" underneath. Aiiiiiiiish. Aiiiiiiiish. Seungtak. Aiiiish.

Movie week always makes me want to gouge my eyes out. The worst part about being a teacher is watching the same 45 minutes of a film five times a day for a week straight. Pure torture. But it's been great for observing the boys in their natural habitat. The ridiculous things I've seen these boys do with chairs in the last few days. Crawling under tables to get to a different seat. Absurd behavior. Today one of my cool guy students was folding up a page pulled out of a magazine when another student spotted me eyeballing it and shouted, "TEACHA HE DIRTY BOY! OH!" Well. Where would your mind go if you were me?

I used my stick to snatch the page out of his grasp and pull it across the table toward me. When I unfolded it to see the damage, it took me a second to realize that the "dirty" part the other student had been referring to was the big wad of spit that had been folded up inside. "Oh my god! Are you an animal? What is this? Gross!" The cool guy attempted to make the argument that he wasn't an animal, and that's why he had neatly folded his little loogie up inside a magazine page, instead of releasing it willy-nilly onto the classroom floor. No.

In other pornography related news, I happened to be walking past class 306 today while they were watching a full on breastes shot of some blonde woman getting out of the shower. Um. You do realize your classrooms have windows? I tapped my stick on the glass and the entire class dove under their desks when they turned around and saw me standing there. Kyeongwon, my boxer student who I lord over the younger boys (who is also in class 306) came running down the hall toward me at that exact moment. "샘! 전.... 샘? 무슨일있어요?"

"변태! 변태!"

"저요?! 왜요?!"

"아니! 여기봐봐!"

"아우.... 진짜...."

Another day, another dollar, eh?


Anonymous said...

ahaah the mental visual i have of them hiding under the desk is awesome. I hope you like avatar, i worked on it ^^

Anonymous said...

You're gone from Dave's? That's ridiculous. Now who will I *swoon* over, the Canadian?

Well, it is an odd place. Frankly, I use it to motivate myself via exposure to actually get to the RoK.

I hope you find a better home online (or home away from home, as the case may be).

And have a merry Christmas :)

-- .38 Spl

I'm no Picasso said...

Saharial, I'll keep that in mind if that's what I end up seeing, and hello!

Special... you could totally swoon over the Canadian. She's hot. Thanks for the well wishes and be sure to stop by to say hello every now and then. I was thinking the other day about how it takes a country man to truly handle a country woman. We could use more of those here, so get on over.

Diana E. said...

that ban is dumb.

They've been so finnicky lately.

MH said...

Seems to be a common complaint on several blogs I frequent recently. A lot of people seem to be getting outright banned or blocked for a period of time at the moment. Unfortunately, they seem to be barring the more entertaining posters which is making it a bit dull over the last few weeks. Que sera, sera.

Brian said...

Yep, everybody's been banned. Now it's pretty much people who have been here eight months giving advice to people who have been here two months.

Anonymous said...

Banned?? You got to be fucking kidding me. Give the name of the person you were gonna meet, and I'm sure several of us will PM him with the news and a link to your blog. -Draz

I'm no Picasso said...

Wow I didn't realize so many people were getting banned. I know over the last few months first one big name would disappear, and then another. I can't believe they don't even bother to let you know why you've been banned, though.

Brian -- It's sort of like every bar conversation between foreigners I overhear ever now, then. Too bad the oldies can't take their old posts with them when they have to go. There's a wealth of helpful information some of the banned guys have contributed to those forums. Dave's better start to appreciate that.

Draz -- I asked Diana if she would be so kind as to contact him for me and she did. Thanks for the offer! And thanks again, Diana.

I got an email tip about expatkorea.com this morning. I'm going to go check things out over there, see if it's any better. Word is, you don't get banned for no damn reason there.

Anonymous said...
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Roboseyo said...

I think the only way to not get banned at Dave's is to never go there.

And as for the advice, that's why people start blogs, I guess.

Cute story.

I'm no Picasso said...

Roboseyo, it's nice to see you stopping by these parts. Your blog is excellent.