Surprise Willie!

What's better than a surprise visit out to dirty Incheon from Mr. Willie? Nothing's better than a surprise visit out to dirty Incheon from Mr. Willie.

Well I managed to scrape myself off the ondol long enough to take a shower and head out to BP to meet him for dinner and a few drinks. I had been contemplating making 김치볶음밥 all day (since that's pretty much all I have the ingredients for in my apartment at the moment, other than cereal and coffee), so it was lucky we wandered into a place that basically only served different variations of udon and bokkeumbap. It's the same place me and Mike went to about a year ago, which, at that time, only served various kinds of rice and Korean style curry. The two bored looking high school girls did a great job of speaking their Korean one syllable at a time, which I've decided at this point to just find cute instead of condescending and also completely not helpful.

Then it was over to the regular, where I was really excited to show Willie the babo bartender, when some new guy who appeared to have a completely reasonable level of intelligence came in instead. Disappointing. Nonetheless, it was a great night of singing along to Abba, the Backstreet Boys and even, of all things, Suede (which I promptly placed at #6 on the list of bands I would not expect to hear playing in a bar in Korea). Weirdest musical choices of the night included Creed (two songs, because one just isn't enough) and Fred Durst's version of "Faith", which I could honestly have gone to my grave happily without ever having heard again ever ever.

Then, Willie got obsessed with a 뚱뚱이 at the end of the bar and the first other foreigner came in, who was best summed up by Willie's description of, "There's a whole lot going on over there...." Meaning moccasins, a Jew-fro and a fruity red drink. By the way, if you're reading this, I would imagine you would realize it's you I'm referring to, so... sorry for writing that, and hi!

Decent night. Smalltown flew for Ireland tonight. He'll be back in three weeks, but I'll miss the moony-eyed little bugger while he's away. He's left me Mimi for company, but I'm not quite sure how that's going. We're getting used to each other. She's come out of her shell and has decided that she absolutely hates being in her cage, which wouldn't be a problem except that her new favorite pass times are climbing into the trash, jumping on my bed, eating the wallpaper and not being potty trained. That last one I'm going to work on, because I wouldn't really want to spend most of my time in a cage, either. But this point is a bit non-negotiable.

Tomorrow I will clean my apartment. I will I will I will I will I will.

Oh. And the in-a-tent-by-the-Han-River Christmas party has suddenly been changed to a in-a-bar-like-normal-people Christmas party. Pretty disappointed about that. But I suppose I'll still go anyhow. I'm quite excited for this week to get on out of the way. And not just because I really don't want to watch the same 45 minutes of Elf another 20 times. Sigh.

Early to bed. G'night my darlings.


Willie said...

i admit i was a wee bit culturally arrogant on saturday night. but its not my fault the douche was in my personal space bubble and the multiple vodka cranberries were distracting me from my 뚱뚱이 watching.

I'm no Picasso said...

Vodka cranberries. Really. Who comes to Woodstock to drink vodka cranberries? Your personal space bubble seems to expand based on the annoyingness level of the person invading it, which I totally respect. And no one but no one should come between you and your 뚱뚱이 watching.

Anonymous said...

Careful, bunnies love to chew on electrical cords.