Korea, I love you, but sometimes you piss me off.

Not having a debit card that works internationally means that, before I left Korea, I checked flights to San Diego, where my brother is stationed. Flights were $300. I brought enough money to pay $500, just in case. By the time I arrived in Dallas, flights to San Diego were $800.

An insane amount of money to pay to see someone for two days, but I've done stranger things. I would have done it. But I can't get to any of my money once I leave the ROK.

Talking to him on the phone. It breaks my heart. He's just like me, in that he doesn't believe a thing anyone says, ever, when it comes from the heart at times. I hope he heard that I really did want to come, but I don't know.

I miss that kid so much. It's like I'm cut in half.

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Kel said...

hey, don't know where exactly you have to fly out of in TX, but did you check jetblue, virgin america, or southwest? they usually have pretty cheap stuff in and out of san diego and L.A. (which is only 2 hrs away)