Year 2.

So, boys and girls. Here we go -- it's the official beginning of Liz's second year in the ROK. 이상한. Being back feels a bit awkward, and a bit too normal all at once. Yes, kiddies, I know -- it was just two weeks. But I'm one of those people who's head is pretty easy to fuck with. And the underlying calm is just... unnerving.

So last night, after nearly 24 hours of traveling, I arrived haggard and greasy, carting an extra suitcase stuffed full of deodorant, size gigantic American women's shoes, d cup bras and jeans with ass room -- I focused on the important things while I was home. Like not doing any of my Korean homework (watching K dramas totally counts for something, though, when you can almost understand every fifth sentence, especially if it has numbers in it). Now comes the task of ringing Coteacher to inform her that my little cousin had the swine flue while I was there and that I already went to the doctor and am on totally unnecessary, really expensive antibiotics that should help me not to develop the stuff myself (?). Guess who might end up quarantined this week.

Guess who really doesn't care.

I completely bailed on Smalltown last night, after somehow convincing myself that I might be up for a pint after I arrived, and passed out cold before 11. Which resulted in my eyes springing open at precisely 5 am this morning. Made a trip to the GS25 up the street for milk and caught the sleeping teenage clerk completely off guard and confused him by speaking Korean, on top of everything else. Oh man. I'm a foreigner again.

Smalltown was just getting started at 10 last night, so I can imagine he's not even awake yet. I should be working on my one million pages of neglected Korean work, but I've already completely unpacked, put the new lovely black sheets on the bed and done the horrendous dishes I left in the sink before hightailing it out of here in a rush on Friday morning because I decided to make a fucking night of it the night before and The Baby wouldn't get his 학생 ass out of bed. Idiot. Me, not him. By the way, amazing things go on in a half empty glass of red wine left sitting for two weeks.

I did text The Baby when I got in last night, just as I promised, but cut it short because I was dying to crawl into bed, and he can go on forever when he's bored at work. I guess I'll have to wait till later this week to find out if my getting drunk and thinking co-ed slumber parties are the best idea ever, and my habit of absolutely hating sleeping alone the night before a flight, will lead to any residual awkwardness. I think he's just young enough to blow it off, though. Here's hoping.

Now I'm bored. It's noon and I'm bored. I miss TV already.

I'm about to start pestering C via text message to come over and get the stuff I brought back from Texas. Or start sending Smalltown a million texts to try to wake him up. Or I could just show up at the bar when The Bar Tender is supposed to be there, preparing to open, even though I told him I wouldn't be able to this weekend. I'm waiting till after I find out if I'm going to be quarantined to do that, though. For obvious, work night kind of reasons.

Seriously. Why don't I just do my homework?

Year 2, here we go....


Chris in South Korea said...

Best of luck with the second year in the ROK... BYW, how many guys did you mention in this ONE article? LOL.

I'm no Picasso said...

Thank you very much, sir, for the well wishes.

And I think it was like four. But they're friends!