Time wasters.

Holy mother of divine shite. Boys are such a colossal waste of time. What I want to do today is this:

1. Skip Korean class.
2. Meet my kid S at the station.
3. Go shopping in Myeong-dong.
4. Buy a ridiculously fancy cake in a box and about four bottles of red wine.
5. Come back to my place to lay under the aircon, eat cake, drink wine and bitch until we pass out.

Why is it not possible?

We've both been in a bit of trouble lately. As everyone knows, we don't usually dabble in the boy nonsense, but when we do somewhat accidentally (somewhat out of boredom) stumble into it, it has a way of turning completely mental in record time. I'm holding to my guns about not getting too mixed up in this shit until I'm at least 30 and possibly the people around me have had enough time to grow the fuck up. I don't mean to generalize, but the situation seems particularly dire in the ROK.

Instead, I'll be heading off to Korean class shortly. Because I've got nothing better to do. I could do all of the above things alone, but that seems nothing short of sad. I need my sidekick. My partner in pretentious little bitchiness.

Life can be cruel.


cherry garcia said...


ding, i miss you and hate my life. come help me pack...


Igniz said...

Agreed, life CAN be cruel.