Bali, bali.

Oh. Exhausted. Real quick, and then hitting the sack:

1. I'm still alive.
2. I got a new tattoo.
3. Took a road trip to Chooncheon.
4. I need to work all the time. Without my job, my students, life is too depressing. Even when it's technically pretty great.
5. I've got the first graders now -- they're awesome.
6. The third graders are complaining to the teachers that they don't get to take my class anymore -- I'm awesome.
7. Korean exam on Thursday. I'm screwed.
8. Hot date with the handsome (married) PE teacher on Friday. And by "hot date", I mean dinner with my amazing co-teacher who's best friends with the handsome (married) PE teacher, who just happens to be coming along.
9. Passing strangers' reactions to me running into my students on the street and chatting with them never get old.
10. Yeah. That's about it. Minus a bunch of stuff.

But I'll get around to it. Which is what I always seem to be saying these days. In regards to cleaning the bathroom, however, it needs to actually happen soon.

G'night, my lovelies.

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