The boys are back in town.

My boys are back. Thank fuck for that. The new guys are so tiny. The second graders have suddenly turned into third graders and have gone from mostly ignoring me to being the kind of confidently sociable that only the top rung of any given society can be.

Oh. So much better. My life here is utterly pointless without those boys around. And I was really starting to lose it, there for a minute.

New Coteacher seems lovely. Genuinely.

No good new male teachers around, and the good looking PE teacher has apparently decided to ditch the James Dean look in favor of the biggest clashing mess I've ever seen and an ostensibly stupid haircut. Ah, well. Just means fewer distractions.

Onwards and upwards. Now if they'd just get my schedule sorted so I can get back in the classroom. Bali bali!

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likethenina said...

Nice new co-teacher sounds good. :)

Beginning always gets me mixed feeling. This time it's more excited.