Wide, wide open.

Well. All writers are exhibitionists at heart, but there are some parts of our private lives that should definitely stay offline. Even if they get written down elsewhere. That's what posthumous publishing is for, if someone somewhere deems you worthy. Or maybe you could just wait twenty years.

At any rate, I went out last night and met a fairly nice fella. It was good to speak fluent English (for seven hours, no less). It really is amazing what a difference studying abroad makes. And I was even firmly instructed in Korean, for a while, after my pointing and nodding cigarette purchasing skills were duly observed and laughed at.

Most things are simpler in Korean -- numbers are not.

And it turns out that no matter how much American men go on about how territorial Korean men are about "their" Korean women, some of them don't stray far from that characteristic themselves.

Don't know if we'll hear from this fella again -- not sure that it matters. It was sort of a complete encounter, in and of itself. Not compelled, myself, to actively pursue the situation, although not entirely closed off to the idea.

It snowed again this morning, which brought some (but little) relief from the bitter cold of yesterday. Went to withdraw money this afternoon, but was only allowed so much -- there's some nonsense floating around about my bank closing for three days, starting at midnight. And by closing, I mean apparently no withdrawals or purchases with cards even will be possible. I have no idea if such a ludicrous thing can actually occur. If it does, I may be sleeping in train stations in Paris after all. Just for a couple of nights.

After, to the coffee shop, just to be out for a while. Running on just about zero sleep, which probably means an evening in with Godard's Contempt, packing and early to bed for this kid.

When I read my tarot earlier this week, it was full of pleasant predictions, mostly pertaining to a new openness, eagerness, bravery and passion for life and all things that will come across my path. I must say, I'm inclined to agree. I can feel some functional part of me shifting from inherently hesitant, careful and afraid to simply wide, wide open. Thank God for that.

Happy Seollal.

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