The past, it is a foreign country.

So, thinking about this trip to Paris, I kept getting this sort of Iva-like feeling -- that one that comes every now and then, when the universe decides to push us in the same direction.

Well, I thought I would just say hello anyway. Tell her to give a shout in the direction of France next week, see if I could hear her from Vienna.

So. Trains. Munich. Vienna. What?

You know we couldn't just leave it alone.

We're ironing out the details. But we made a promise last time we met in New York that five years would never go by again. It's already nearly been two. And I can't think of anyone better to make ridiculous plans with, last minute. I think we'll meet in Munich, after I spend a few days in Paris on my own. Maybe take the train back to Vienna after a couple of nights in a hostel. Then I'll have one hell of a haul back to Paris to get to the airport, fly to Dubai (one place I said I never wanted to be... wouldn't you know it?), then on back to Incheon.

Now that I'm looking at my actual flight times (they do finally exist) though, I'm thinking we're going to have to choose either Munich or Vienna. The girl gave me tonight to think about it. Hm. What to do.

So much for a genuine "vacation". I suspect I'll be half-dead upon my return. I was only saying that to make up for the fact that it was all looking to be a bit boring, anyway.

Ah. Exciting.

Well, I've got a lot to do in the next few days....

My small victory for today was successfully using an ATM in Korean. I think some of the romanizations of the bank names are quite off, so I had to navigate the whole thing in Korean in order to pay a bill. I'm a fucking genius. You always knew it.

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