Stuck in high gear.

Why is it that winter classes end and suddenly I feel like I have a million things to do? Well...

I knew these two months were going to go by quickly. These days, I feel as though I never have enough time. But in a good way. Between work, studying Korean, trying to learn to cook, random acts of socializing, planning this trip, trying to begin to educate myself on language education....

Oh dear.

Well. I suppose it's a good thing Mike's off for a while. It'll give me time to slow down a bit, maybe, or at least get around to more things on my long, long list. Anyway, I'll do my best to stay busy while he's gone. Seatwarming at work next week may allow me to cool my heels.

Tomorrow is the practical nonsense of life, which annoys me even more now that I'm so busy -- why does grocery shopping and cleaning have to happen so often? I've sort of got a head start tonight. But. The goal for this week is learning how to make kimbap. I know I've said it before, but this time I'm expecting truly hilarious disaster. To begin with, I haven't quite figured out the correct rice to water ratio to make the rice properly sticky. Also, I'm not good with things that require a certain delicate touch. But I'll try, anyway.

Then I may or may not meet HJ for lunch/coffee/dinner/whatever... can't decide if I want to tomorrow or Sunday. Then I've got to get dug in to this stuff I got at the bookshop today -- an advanced reader on second language acquisition, On Nature and Language by Chomsky, and (just for my own pleasure) Derrida's The Politics of Friendship.

And this trip. This fucking trip. I'm trying not to stress out too much. I know it seems a shame in some ways, but I'm thinking I'm really going to take this as an actual vacation. IE sitting around eating lovely food, drinking wine, and catching up on all of this reading. I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself to see and do everything. But I have got to find a hostel that's fairly certain they'll have room, because -- minus a credit card -- I can't find a way to make a reservation. That's just begging for trouble I know, but surely the backpackers pull this shit all the time....

Possibly meeting these uni guys at the regular tomorrow night? Not sure how I feel about that. Well, I'm sure how I feel about that -- not good, minus my wingman. I don't like the idea of wandering into that somewhat disgusting place without my trusty Mags by my side. I guess I'll see how restless I feel by the end of the day tomorrow. But, outlook: not likely.

Mags also left me some Godard and other random good stuff to keep me company. But I'm sure there'll be time for that later in the week.

And studying Korean. Come hell or high water, I've got to get myself into some sort of class when I get back from Paris. It keeps getting moved to the back burner, and I really shouldn't allow that anymore. It's way too important for everything else to run smoothly.

How the hell did I get stuck in high gear?


MikejGrey said...

I am responding to your blog in an airport

I am responding to your blog in an airport, and I'm wearing a purple shirt. It;s been 27 days since I last saw you. Your brother is dead and inedible. What was he for?

I'm no Picasso said...

My name is Aidan Clark and I have a biscuit. My right hand is frostbitten. My left foot is frostbitten. I'm going to cut it off. My hand. Because I can't cut my foot off with my left hand.

I want to say that I think I saw a fox.
I want to say that I'm afraid.
I want to say that I want to go home.

The wind.
The wind.

I fell asleep... I fell asleep cutting my hand off. My name is No Biscuits in the Snow. My name is No Biscuits.


As I was walking out today, my hand fell off.

(You're missing the morning Communist fruit trucks.)