Braving the cold.

The Magpie has officially begun his flight back to New York. Safe travels, Mags. And hurry back soon. You will definitely be missed.

Today's classes were kind of lousy in comparison to the others. 'Swhat I get for thinking I was a decent teacher for a minute. Oh well. You win some, you lose some. Anyway, the classes weren't terrible -- just really, really quiet. It wasn't until near the end that they started to loosen up and talk a bit. Meh.

Minerva is not that interesting. Can we stay on the subject of Choi Jin-sil please?

It snowed quite a bit this morning. I'm no good in the snow. But. I'm currently attempting to force myself into making the trip into Seoul, where Kyobo has the most decent English language collection I've found so far, so I can get a reasonably priced guidebook for Paris and start planning this trip, now that my winter classes have officially ceased to rule my life. Also going to look for those TEFL theory books I mentioned. I wonder if Paris will have a wider variety of literature in English? Should definitely check that out while I'm there.

This is why Sylvia Beach was important.

Globalization's doing its best, though.

Uh. One of those uni guys from last weekend actually called. Color me shocked. Not sure what (if anything) will come of that.

Also, Koreans don't trust you to remember their names. But then I guess no one in a bar really does.

I managed to snag a copy of Taschen's Picasso (in English) randomly last night in Mike's neighborhood for just 14,000 won. Also picked up a copy of Brahms' Symphony No. 1 and Tragic Overture and Beethoven's No. 4 & 5 (since all of my Beethoven files seem to be fucked for some reason).

Let me tell you -- you haven't lived until you've listened to Beethoven's 5th while walking in the snow.

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