Heading back to Goose Goose in Bupyeong tonight. Got fucked hard by four classes in a row this morning, and a fifth in the afternoon, but shockingly they all went really well. My official coteacher got to see me teach for the first time, and I was pretty nervous about that, but the class was well behaved, thank God, and she said I did an excellent job. I don't think "excellent" factors into anything yet, but it's a hell of a lot better than where I was just a week ago.

In my parents' class, we talked about American names, how they have implications, and all of the mothers decided to take one. Jennifer (Jenny), Rachel, Diana and I forget the fourth one because I'm an idiot. They told me about their names and how they had Chinese character equivalents. One's name means Gold White Dot and another means Tiny Water Flower.

I upset one of my first graders by writing the word "trouble" on his paper after he threw another kid's pen out the window and then told me he was very hot and started taking his shirt off when I came over to close it. "Trouble?" The boys at the table asked what it meant. I pointed to the window kid, and said, "Him." He pouted for the rest of the period. I asked him if he would forgive me, and he said no.

I also caught a table of second graders working on a group project that consisted of a not very flattering portrait of my coteacher. Hey, what the hell. I'm just glad they weren't drawing me.

A couple of photos, since it is my favorite season:

Blurry walk to school this morning.
The mountain out a fourth floor school window.


cherry garcia said...

ding, get your photos in focus.

damn art student!

also, you have a dog now? aw! i can't exactly tell what he looks like in that photo...he looks cute though? haha.


I'm no Picasso said...

I can't. I'm lousy at that. I think I have like a permanent junky shake or something.....

Also, ding. I do not have a dog now. Pay attention. Haha.


cherry garcia said...

that's what i get for skimming late at night and getting excited over photos.