Dogs don't like kimchi.

I'll call him Rocco. He strikes me as a Rocco.

Anyway, I found him on my way home from the subway tonight. He was foraging for food and acting generally terrified. I clicked my tongue a few times and he came over and said hello and then followed me all the way back to my apartment and up the 8 flights of stairs, straight into the door.

Unfortunately, there isn't much food in my apartment fit for a doggy appetite at the moment. He didn't want any of my kimchi, and he only ate a little bit of an apple and a few nuts. But he drank some good, clean non-street water and sat in my lap for a little bit. He was in full-on foraging mode though -- clearly a dog who's been at this street thing for a while -- so I let him back out into the stairwell so he can go try to find something better than what I have. Wish I could keep him and feed him all kinds of lovely things, but there's no way I could handle a dog right now.

My only regret is not buying a sandwich on my way home so I would have had something decent to feed him.

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