In the midst of her hysteria, my co-teacher apparently "forgot" to tell the principal and vice principal about my open class. So I get to do it again. Today, the next to last day before final exams, while I still have actual lessons to be teaching, you ask?

No. In two weeks. After exams are finished and exactly one week before summer vacation starts. Why? Because the same co-teacher needs to take my class time today, because she has "something to do".

Something more important than me being able to make up the open class you have completely fucked me over on, I guess.

Oh. And by the way. She would really like it if I could not choose one of her (high level) classes to teach for the next one. After all, she just did this open class with me yesterday, and she doesn't want to have to do it again.

So reasonable. Why would anyone at all have a problem with that? God I'm so happy. I swear to God I might just explode with gratitude and love for my coworkers, any fucking day now. Any fucking day. I hope summer never comes. I just want to stay here, doing this. Forever.

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Chris in South Korea said...

Sounds like someone in the higher-ups at the school needs a talking to as well - regarding the co.