Sitting in the office playing dumb around the students like always. The difference is, only some of the students are dumb enough not to clock on that I do understand at least some of the time. It's too obvious from the way my attention gets jerked around.

Anyway. One such genius decides to go off on a hilarious rant about how Koreans shouldn't have to learn English, because they speak Korean. Fine enough, and fair point. Then he takes it to the next level by claiming that someday he (of all people) is going to build a nuclear bomb and blow up the U.S.A. because he hates studying English. This is even more hilarious. To himself because he's kind of an idiot, and to the other students who are cleaning the office and watching this all go down, because they fully realize that I know exactly what he's saying.

On and on he blabs, encouraged by the other students laughing, not realizing that it's at him and not with him. His home room teacher (Head Teacher) walks into the office and I turn around and ask her if she knows that Inho is going to be a nuclear scientist when he grows up?


Cue a long string of questions in Korean, trying to sort out what the fuck is going on, in which Inho realizes that I understood every word, and decides the best course of action is to pretend he was acutally talking about how he wants to be a nuclear scientist when he grows up. Until I asked him to tell her why, and the students who were cleaning completely lost their composure and gave him away.

Anyway. I don't think Inho poses any real threat. Those of you back stateside can probably relax.

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Chris in South Korea said...

It's too bad your students / co-workers won't try to slip one past you again... for a week or so until they forget and start blabbing again...